Belfaux Gruyere Reserve

Michel Eggertswyler is a fourth generation Gruyère cheesemaker, utilizing his 30+ years of experience at his village dairy, Laiterie de Belfaux, in canton Fribourg, the birthplace of Gruyère. Laiteria de Belfaux is a family owned and operated dairy that purchases milk from 10 contributing farms. The cheese is brined, then dry salted for 48 hours, a rarity in modern Gruyere production. The cheese spends an average of six weeks at the dairy’s cellar before heading to the affineurs at Fromage Gruyere S.A. Our 10 month Belfaux Gruyere is dense and creamy, almost custardy.  Roasted and savory but with the fruitiness that is often associated with a more aged cheese. It is made with raw milk from red and black holstein cows.

Product Facts

  • Origin: Canton Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Type: Cooked/pressed,Washed Rind
  • Pack Size: 1/20 pound