Grey Barn and Farm

The Grey Barn was established in 2009 on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. With 100 acres of green pastures, oak woods and salt air The Grey Barn is the perfect setting to raise happy animals and craft artisanal cheese. The folks at Grey Barn believe that happy animals make better food and so they start with better food for their animals. Their herd of 32 Dutch Belted cows are a heritage breed, dual purpose animal that are well-suited to be raised on grass. Their diet consists of 100% grass, so that means wildflower spangled pasture in summer and high quality dry hay in winter.

The land and all of their products are Certified Organic to ensure that everyone from the cow to the consumer gets clean, GMO-free food. The milk produced by these lovely ladies is a rich and flavorful reflection of the land and the seasons. In the summer months the long sunny days and salty morning dew provide milk that is anywhere from herbaceous to meaty while the winter produces milk that is buttery and sweet. This ever-changing terroir allows us to make cheese that continues to please the curious palette.

Seacrest Foods stocks the three cheeses currently produced by the Grey Barn including, Bluebird, Eidolon and Prufrock.


Chilmark, Massachusetts