Eros Burrati of La Casera

As Seacresters, we are continually searching both near and far for that special cheese, you know the one – the next big cheese! These journeys often include trips abroad visiting cheesemakers, farms, shops, shows and caves. One such trip back in 2009 led us to THE cheese. Beautiful cabbage wrapped cheese! It was gorgeous! It tasted heavenly! It was La Casera! It was Eros Buratti!

Eros Buratti is a refiner of cheeses, an ancient profession that is part of the tradition of the Piedmont area surrounded by green mountain pastures. This area is full of small artisan businesses that are dedicated to dairy production, putting at the top of their priority quality, accuracy in the selection of raw materials, knowledge and skill in selecting the products to be placed on the market. The refiner, as Eros often says, is the one who brings the cheese “from kindergarten to University” from the maturing cellar, to the table. Unlike the manufacturer, who is responsible for carrying out the first step in the long chain of events, the refiner works with products already formed, taken “out of salt” as they say in jargon. The producers selected by Eros are family businesses, mostly from Piedmont, with a strong presence of Ossolane companies.

If you are a Seacrest Foods customer – you MUST have La Casera product in your case. Your customers will be enamored and we promise you – back for more. The La Casera A-list roster includes Robiola Foglie di Castagno (made with pure goat milk and wrapped in fresh or dried chestnut leaves) , Robiola Foglie di Fico (seasonal goat cheese wrapped in fig leaves), Robiola Porro (goat cheese ripened in leek leaves). These items along with all La Casera offerings can be purchased through our bi-weekly Italian air program guaranteeing the freshest product.


Verbania, Italy