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Seacrest Foods is an international importer and wholesale distributor of specialty cheeses and fine foods operating in the United States. Located just 10 miles north of Boston in Lynn, Massachusetts, Seacrest houses an inventory of over 3000 items imported from over 20 countries. We offer the highest quality products at competitive pricing with timely delivery and service. Our product line includes cheese, specialty meats, pasta, specialty grocery items as well as chocolates, desserts and finished products. Family owned and operated, we have been servicing independent retailers, farm stands and supermarket chains throughout New England and New York since 1982.

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Plymouth Cheese Factory
The Plymouth Cheese Factory still occupies the same site and building as it did when it was built in 1890 in Plymouth, Vermont by Col. John Coolidge, father of Calvin Coolidge. John Coolidge, a dairy farmer, created Plymouth Cheese as a means of turning extra milk into a product with a longer shelf life, using the same exacting granular curd recipe that the first European settlers brought with them to the New World. Seacrest carries Original, Hunter, Smoked and Hot Pepper.

Plymouth Cheese
Trivium Goat Cheddar
Trivium is a natural rinded goat’s milk cheddar made in Wisconsin by Creamery 333 and sent to Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn to age for a minimum of 4 months. Creamery 333 is a collaboration three industry giants: Herve Mons, Arnaud Solandt of Montchevre, and Francois Kerautret of Peterson Cheese. Crown Finish Caves is a cheese aging facility located in an 1850s lagering tunnel thirty feet below the street in Crown Heights. Deep, lasting nutty and cheddar-y flavors.
Trivium Goat Cheddar
Mount Mansfield Halfpipe
This French-style Alpine Cheese is raw milk and aged for 5 months. With it's distinct basket weave rind and round and grassy flavors, this cheese will make a fine addition to your cheese case. Mt. Mansfield Creamery is located in Morrisville, Vermont, and is owned and operated by Stan Biasini and Debora Wickart. They milk their own Holstein & Brown Swiss cows to produce and age a number of raw milk cheeses using recipes with European origins.
Mount Mansfield Halfpipe
Lakin's Gorges Morgan
Allison Lakin makes all of her cheeses using cow's milk from Tide Mill Organic Farm. Lakin's Gorges cheeses are made by hand in small batches by this one woman operation. Each 1/2 pound wheel of Lakin's Gorges Morgan is mold ripened for a minimum of 3 months.  Very complex, grassy and salty, this hard cheese will have you craving more.
Grafton Mature
Pairwell Pint Bites
Aptly known as Pint Bites, these unique beer glass shaped crackers are baked in New York using high quality ingredients. Pint Bites are a funky type of pita chip that we think are a perfect snack for all those stores stocking beer. If you're as big a fan of all things snacky as we are, then these are worth a try - we couldn't stop eating them. Available in Chili Lime, Sriracha, and Sea Salt/Pepper. 12/6 ounce.
Olympia Summer Sausage
Dolomitico by Carpenedo
A semi-hard Italian Blue cheese that has been aged with beer and malt. It has an intense and persistent flavor, characterized by toasted notes. This pasteruized cow's milk cheese has been aged a minimum of 50 days. At 2 pounds, Dolomitico packs a punch while not breaking your 'what's new in the case' budget. Pairs great with light beers.
Dolomitico Blue

Le Queseria Artesana Manchego